Thursday, January 23, 2020

Staples Youth Concert: "Music of China"

In preparation for the upcoming youth Concert “Global Musical Odyssey: "Music of China,” the Music and Art department at Coleytown Elementary have been offering various experiences to students to learn about the Art and Music of China.

Recently, a fifth grade class was able to hear from guest speaker, Professor Ive Covaci, about the history of Chinese art.  Professor Covaci currently teaches classes in Asian Art at Fairfield University and is on the Westport Public Schools Art Collections Committee (WestPAC).  WestPAC has curated an exhibit from our town collection of Chinese art and photography that has traveled throughout the schools. Currently, the work is on display at Coleytown Elementary.  Professor Covaci shared some background information about Chinese calligraphy and art and was able to give a walk through of the work on display. Students were also able to explore the process of using a Chinese calligraphy brush to copy Chinese characters.  

From Professor Covaci:

It was wonderful to be able to combine looking at images of Chinese calligraphy and paintings on the screen in the classroom, using the brushes and "ink" to get a feel for the medium, and then walking out into the CES - WestPAC "learning gallery" hallway to look and talk about the artworks on display in person. 

I was delighted by how carefully the kids observed the art and how comfortable they were putting their observations into words. I was also impressed by their curiosity, their enthusiasm for art, and their willingness to share their prior experiences with, and knowledge about, Chinese culture. I hope this session will complement their other learning experiences around Chinese art, culture, and music this year, and that they'll revisit the works while the display is at CES for the remainder of the month.

The music classes have been learning the song “Jasmine Flower” so they can sing with the Staples chorus.  They have learned about different cultural dances and played some traditional games. In Band, students will learn the melody of Jasmine flower on their instruments.  They have also seen videos of the Shen Yun dancers and the music used in these dances. 

The Staples Youth Concerts are February 4th (5th grade) and February 6th (3rd and 4th grade).  Be sure to ask your children about these special events!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

CES Learns: December 2019

Friday was our second CES Learns event of the school year.  Parents and staff members offered a variety of classes during Community Time.  Every student at CES chose a class that he/she was interested to attend.  There were so many different choices such as: Introduction to French, Stop Motion Animation, Yoga, Fundamentals of Basketball, Math Games, Sensory Fun, Painting, Creating the Classroom of the Future, and many more.  Be sure to ask your child about this special day!

Thank you to all of the parents who volunteered to facilitate a class at this event.  We truly appreciate your willingness to share your talents with our students. 

Check out some pictures below...

Members of the Westport Police Department spoke to students about their jobs.

Students created holiday cards for children hospitalized during the holidays.

Students in "Creation Station" created different inventions.

Ms. Rosenthal & Ms. McShane taught a class on cheerleading!

Students painted with watercolors in the Art Room.

Mr. Valencia and Mrs. Crosby had students creating classrooms for the future.

Senor Fernandez taught a cartooning workshop.

Mr. Litman introduced students to stop motion animation.

Mr. Lawrence coached during Fundamentals of Basketball.

Students created Book Art in the Makerspace.

Calligraphy was a popular class for third, fourth, and fifth graders.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Scenes from November

The CES Community participated in a Run for a Reason fundraiser.  The community raised money for the Amazon Conservation Association.  Parents, staff members, and students enjoyed running and walking together at recess.

We had a Veterans Day assembly with Captain Dan Geraghty, a former US Army Infantry Officer. Captain Geraghty's missions included: 
- a Diplomatic Exchange Program with the Chilean Army in South America
- serving as a first responder in Connecticut as an Operations Commander following the attacks of 9/11/2001.
Captain Geraghty also served as the Commander of C (Charlie) Company, 1-102 Infantry and deployed a platoon to Iraq in 2004. He has also taught Leadership as an Instructor of Officer Candidate School (OCS). Captain Geraghty is US Army Ranger, Airborne, and Air Assault Qualified. Captain Geraghty spoke with our community about leadership, the core values of the military, and why it is important to honor veterans.

Hip Hop Dimensions visited the CES community for a Cultural Arts assembly.  The students and staff were energized by the music and the incredible dancing.  The third, fourth, and fifth graders participated in a "dance battle" at the end of the show!

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Photography Class at CES Learns

Last Friday, one of the classes at CES Learns was a photography course.  Mrs. Perry & Mrs. Schock taught students the basics of using a camera.  They discussed perspective and lighting when taking pictures.  The students explored CES, inside and out, taking pictures along the way.  See some of their amazing photographs below!

Sunday, October 20, 2019

CES Learns

Friday, October 18, was the first CES Learns event for the new school year.  Twenty-four different classes were offered to the CES students.  Every child in Kindergarten through fifth grade chose a class to attend during the Community Time block.  Children were mixed with students from different classes and grade levels based upon their varying interests. The students and staff had an amazing time!  Check out the pictures from the day:

Ms. Ogilvy and Mrs. Maisonpierre facilitated a yoga class.

Mrs. Brown and Ms. Ready challenged inventors to create in the Creation Station!

Creation Station Fun!

Mrs. Rahe and Mrs. Metke helped students learn calligraphy.

Mr. Lawrence ran a basketball practice for students in Kindergarten, first and second grade.

Lots of shooting, dribbling, and passing for the basketball players!

Mrs. Carothers and Mrs. Vergato helped students design picture frames.

Mrs. Miraballes and Dr. Kassay discussed mindfulness.  Students created their own mindfulness jars.

An original mindfulness jar!

Mrs. Crosby and Mrs. Kearney helped students to design and paint Kindness Rocks for CES.

Mrs. Nicolo and Mrs. Clarke facilitated a Writing Workshop to create original picture books.

Mrs. DiGiovanni and Mrs. Boyle sang their hearts out with students during the Karaoke session!

Mrs. Perry and Mrs. Schock taught the photography class about light and perspective.  The students took pictures all around the building!

Mrs. LaRaia and Mrs. Garard helped students during Pumpkin Fun!  
Look at these amazing creations!

Monday, September 23, 2019


Buddy Classes-Community Time

On Friday CES buddies met for the first time this year.  Every student at Coleytown has a buddy from a different class.  Buddies meet during the year for a variety of reasons.  They will sometimes read and write together.  Buddies will often work together for community outreach events, such as making cards for the Saugatuck Thanksgiving feast.  Buddies also celebrate together throughout the year. 

Take a look at the introductory activities from Friday's Community Time.  Buddies got to know each other through interviews, Venn diagrams, and games.

Fifth graders and second graders completed Venn Diagrams to learn about their similarities and differences.

Third graders read to their Kindergarten buddies.

Interview questions to get to know each other

Lots of laughs while groups met for the first time!